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Hello, my name is Robert Pilcher. My Father Donald Pilcher, served in the REME and witnessed operation Grapple (I'm not sure which on).

He talked about this when I was a youngman but to my shame I neglected the details. I will be calling him next week (I live in the United States and He lives in England).

Regarding health issues he really only has typical problems associated with his age.

I however have continuing health issuses that all started when I was in my early twenties that my siblings do not have and I was the last one to be concieved.

I'm not going into great details because our introductions should be in another thread that has a lot more levity and fun. I have had so far 14 kidney stones -

I have a congenital fusion of the L4 vertebra had many issues with my spine. This has cause wear on the vertebra above and horrible chronic pain in both hips and elsewear. My siblings (and my Sister's children) and my Father have report no such pains.

Until other more reliable data becomes available I have to stand with.


This is just a basic introduction. I'd like to get to know you all

Regards Rob (Denniscat on facebook - Dennis Cat on youtube)





Sep 26, 2018

Hi my father also was in the reme during Christmas Island bomb test.alas he has long since passed away.he died within 6 months of getting cancer aged 56 ..he'd be in his late 80's now. His name was Leonard warren

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