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3 days ago

anyone about from the RN who was at Monte for Operation Mosaic?
Oct 24

Anyone out there that was at AWRE Maralinga -Nullabor Plain- South Australia during the 3 atom bomb tests 1957. Not forgetting Woomera 300 miles east.
Sep 27

Royal Navy - Operation Dominic 1961-1962 Christmas Island
Sep 1

my late grandfather was awarded this medal for serving on Christmas Island in 1958 with the RAF. Has anyone else got one of these medals, as everyone i show it to has never seen one like this before?
Jul 16, 2018

Anthony Kidd, Can anyone remember my uncle. Christmas Island 1958/59. 4 Photos.
Jun 22, 2018

Nov 5

Oct 11

Rob Hornsby ex RAN Hospital Medic like to find these guys , Reply to thank you.
Sep 20

Nov 13, 2018

Shug McGuinness, Taff Lewis & Jock (Colin) Moir (me)
Jun 22, 2018

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