The History of the BNTVA

A brief history of the BNTVA. From our archives.

The BNTVA has existed in different forms since 1982. Below are the milestones for the Association. We will be updating this page as further information is retrieved from the archives. Due to the recorded archive material of the BNTVA being fragmented, which could have been through a policy not to collate exact dates of events, in the archive material collected so far there maybe data to correct any inaccuracies once the archive has been thoroughly examined.

As far as the Historian can ascertain, and having seen documents from the period of 1984, I can only assume that the BNTVA was funded and began its formation from that Year.

There does not seem to be any magazines coming forward prior to the first issue in Spring 1989.

The very first AGM was held on Saturday 7th May 1988 at the Horseshoe Bar at the White Towers business centre in Blackpool with 300 members attending. The next day a parade was held through the streets of Blackpool and a service held at the Salvation Army Citadel.

The Blackpool Corporation funded the hire of the Horseshoe Bar or the Paradise Bar for the BNTVA AGM's from 1988 until 2012, when the Blackpool council decided to rescind their offer to pay for the hire of the hall so it was then decided to accommodate all our members by holding our AGM's in a different part of the country each year. The 2013 AGM was held at Coventry, 2014 AGM - Britannia Hotel, Manchester, 2015 AGM - Britannia Hotel, Bournemouth, 2016 AGM - Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, 2017 AGM - Marriott Hotel, Gateshead, 2018 AGM - Grand Atlantic Hotel, Weston Super Mare.

In Autumn 1989 there is evidence that some form of legal advice was being sought regarding the litigation against government.

in 1992, when Peter Fletcher became Chairman of the BNTVA a new Constitution was ordered.

Between 1992 and 2005 there was an approach to the Court of Human Rights - primarily regarding the children who had been affected by our attendance at the Tests. The next failed litigation was through Clark Wilmott, they failed because they did not comply within the time window to submit for legal aid. It was then passed to Alexander Harris Solicitors who also failed and it was finally handed over to Rosenblatt which after appeal also failed.

At the beginning of 2001, Ken McGinley stepped down as Chairman and the president Peter Fletcher MBE took over the chair. Peter remained Chairman until ill health forced him to stand down in 2002 when Vice Chair John Lowe took over. In 2003 there were 14 branches around the country.

Registred as a Charity in 2009 - 1131134

The Charity continued to be recognised by the Charity Commission as an unincorporated Charity until 2017.

2017 - CIO Foundation Status

In 2017 the BNTVA changed it's Charity status to a Charity Incorporated Organisation. This led to a new Charity being created with a new registration number. The new Organisation structure allows the Organisation to have a legal personality, and has the ability to conduct business in its own name.

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