Blood Test Results

Tom Watson and the Daily Mirror need your help

In Parliament, Tom Watson asked the Secretary of State for defence, if she will release all F Med 12 and F Med 29 forms that were completed during the UK's Nuclear weapons testing programme for analysis by the BNTVA.

On the 23rd May 2019, Tobias Ellwood responded:

For reasons of medical confidentiality and data protection, disclosing individuals' medical records to third parties requires the explicit consent of each data subject. The Ministry of Defence will consider all such requests on a case by case basis.

Where the data subject is deceased relatives can request their healthcare records, albeit there is no automatic right to access. Patient confidentiality can be over-ridden and records released if there is a legal claim as a result of the death. Again, each such request would be considered on a case by case basis.

We cannot request your records, you need to do it for us, so we can analyse the medical forms and the results.

To get your own medical records, you need to make a Subject Access Request to the MoD. The link to the PDF form is here:

It includes the addresses to send it to, depending on what unit you served in. It will need a copy of your driving licence, passport or utility bill as proof of ID.


People may also wish to make an extended Special Subject Access Request due to potentially hazardous exposure during MoD employment. The link for that form is here:

Send the form with the following letter / email (copy and paste and amend)

To Whom It May Concern:


I write to make request all data held in my military medical records from 01.01.1952 to 01.01.1972 (dates as relevant). 


In particular I wish to see a complete and unredacted copy of forms F Med 12 and F Med 29 from within my file, and any other information which may relate to blood tests that were taken during my service.


My service number was XXXXX My rank and unit were XXXXX.


Yours etc with contact details (please use full name, UK address and email if applicable)


I would suggest that as well as a paper copy to the correct address on the form, people also send an email copy to


In all cases it's most likely a veteran will get their information; relatives can request, but the MoD will "consider on a case by case basis" whether to release it.

If the Veteran is deceased, the NEXT OF KIN can apply for their records.


It requires a £30 admin fee, and a death certificate. The most successful applications will have been a spouse at the time of the deceased's death (ie wife, not child).

The Government are hiding these records, but you are entitled to them. We cannot request them on your behalf. You can help the BNTVA, Tom Watson and the Daily Mirror by requesting these records so that we can analyse the records and prove that the MoD have the records.

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