Our team can help with arranging for our Funeral drape to be delivered direct to the undertaker so that the Veteran can be honoured during their funeral. Our Standard Bearers can also be present if required. There is no cost to this service and we feel proud to honour our Veterans on their last journey. With help to the relatives left behind, we can provide support and comfort during a difficult time.

fallout group

Our closed Facebook group provides an area where descendants can talk to each other and discover information relating to the tests and that they are not alone in the world. Many have lost one or both parents and are looking for answers, this group ensures that no-one is forgotten and as everyone in the group is a descendant, everyone is connected in a unique way.

all tests reunion

Each September, we hold a reunion in Weston Super Mare for over 100 Veterans and their families. This reunion gives Veterans and their families a chance to meet up with old colleagues and have some fun. Videos, presentations, quizzes, golf tournaments and dancing are all provided.

For some the only holiday they have is this reunion. 

old colleagues

Veterans seeking old colleagues and descendants looking for information about their fathers time at the tests can use our service to post information and pictures to find people. We have been very successful in finding old colleagues and have reunited servicemen after 60 years!

war pensions

We help Veterans with War Pension applications and provide help and guidance on how to apply. We will also attend tribunals on behalf of the Veteran to ensure that they receive the pension they deserve.

operation dominic

A number of our Veterans served as part of Operation Dominic, which was a US led testing programme. These Veterans may be entitled to compensation under the US RECA program. We have a dedicated officer to provide assistance with applying. (Eric Barton)

medal campaign

The BNTVA are campaigning for a medal for our Veterans for their unique service, this medal is long overdue and will finally recognise the sacrifices the servicemen made. Support for Veterans who want to write to their MP's and media are available.

across the world

Members now living abroad who served at the tests can be linked to Associations in their respective countries using the Nuclear Veterans Worldwide service at

campaign magazine

All members receive a quarterly magazine with updates relating to the Nuclear Community and a monthly newsletter summarising the social media news is sent to members who do not have access to the Internet. Social inclusion is very important to the BNTVA and the magazine gives members the chance to catch-up on the news.

social media

Our Social Media team post daily articles from across the World using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A number of Facebook groups exist of which we contribute to them all. 

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