The British Nuclear Test Veterans Association (BNTVA) was formed to campaign for recognition and restitution of our Servicemen who participated in the British Nuclear Tests.


The organisation has evolved over the years to share knowledge and heritage with people from all walks of life.


The descendants of these unique servicemen continue the fight for recognition.

We now link across the world with other Atomic organisations, including America, France, Australia, Fiji, Christmas Island and New Zealand.


The indigenous population of the islands where these tests took place should not be forgotten. Many were displaced and their land contaminated.

The British Nuclear Testing Programme ran between 1952 and 1991, it was the largest Tri-Service operation since the D-Day landings. Over 22,000 servicemen participated in the Weapons Tests.


The tests were carried out at Montebello, Emu Field, Maralinga, Christmas Island and Nevada. British forces also participated in the American ‘Operation Dominic’ series of tests.

We believe that there are approximately 1500 service personnel alive today who witnessed the tests. The Merchant Navy and civilian personnel were heavily involved.


Membership of the BNTVA costs as little as £20 per year. Click the Join Now button to join our Association. Everyone is eligible to join. Membership will entitle you to our quarterly magazine 'Campaign' which will give up to date information on the Association and news from around the world.

Our Annual conference is attended by over 100 members and we hold an Annual reunion for all tests participants in Sand Bay, Weston Super Mare.

Membership of the BNTVA costs as little as £20 per year.

We are committed to sharing the legacy of our nuclear community with the wider public, through Illustrated Presentations, Documentaries and Publishing Research

Our members are unique, there are not many people who can say that they have witnessed a nuclear explosion and lived to tell the tale.

As a registered charity, we accept donations towards our cause and rely on membership fees to continue to ensure that no nuclear veteran is forgotten.

Medal Recognition

The BNTVA are campaigning for Medal Recognition for our Veterans. Please support our campaign.

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